Female, 18, Canada.
Mainly fashion. Sometimes tv, film, books, and music.
None of these pictures are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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Charlotte Rampling, shot by Helmut Newton, 1982
"New York News" Tatjana Patitz, shot by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US, September 1989
Lauren Bacall, 1945

The next scene (with an abrupt cut to the shot) jolts the audience - it is an excerpt from a projected horror film at a drive-in movie theatre, attended by the Hazes and Humbert (in their own fairy-tale world and sitting from left to right: young princess Lolita, the hero Humbert, and the monstrous Charlotte). A ghoulish figure in the supernatural horror film [Hammer Films’ The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)] approaches menacingly - a symbol of Humbert’s own lust. A shorthand montage of images and scenes visually provide a metaphor of Humbert’s growing obsession for the young girl:
In the front seat of the Haze vehicle, Humbert is seated in the front centered between Charlotte (in the symbolic driver’s seat) and Lolita - all eyes are absorbed by the action on the screen. Frightened, both women grab toward Humbert’s hands that rest atop his knees. He frees his left hand (from Charlotte’s grasp), scratches his nose, and furtively slips his left hand on top of Lolita’s left hand on his right knee to comfort and protect her from the evil. After another scream from the film, Lolita tops his hand with her right hand. Mrs. Haze, not wanting to be left out, and not wanting to be outdone, tops the entire pyramid of hands.
Lolita (1962) dir: Stanley Kubrick
Kate Moss @ Christian Dior F/W 1997
Linda Evangelista @ the Maison de Verre, shot by Pierre Chareau, for Gianfranco Ferre F/W 1992
Linda Evangelista @ John Galliano S/S 1998
Nadja Auermann, shot by Vincent Peters for The Face, November 2000
Angelica Huston, shot by Guy Bourdin for Vogue, September 1971
Vogue Paris editorial, shot by Guy Bourdin, March 1973